$VAULT, is our own social token for the Vault Empowers community. $VAULT represents our community as a digital asset that can be used anywhere on the internet and in real life as well.

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Having our own social token means the Vault Empowers community is able to own, control and coordinate all the value we will be creating across platforms. $VAULT creates a community economy that represents the value we create together.
The $VAULT social token puts the value of the community into the hands of our members. We're starting with tangible benefits for token holders and will be expanding throughout the year.
Further, this is our way to help educate our community and give them experiences as it relates to Blockchain technology, Web3, Cryptocurrencies and Tokens.


We are launching with a number of unique rewards that will only be available to community members, including access to our exclusive Discord community, merchandise, and direct access to our team of experts.
All Vault 365 members will earn $VAULT tokens for being a member, when they actively participate in our community or attend our online events, and this is just the beginning. We'll be adding more rewards and perks and more ways to earn $VAULT.


$VAULT is an extension of the Vault Empowers community that is powered by Roll and Ethereum. This means $VAULT can be used across Web3 apps in wallets like Metamask and Web2 apps as well.
By utilizing the $VAULT token within the community, members can create peer to peer opportunities to help each other and gain access to one another. This is a multiplier for the value of the Vault Empowers community.
To be one of the first $VAULT holders, you can join our Vault 365 Village!
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Once you have 5 $VAULT you can redeem them to join our exclusive Discord community. There you will have special access to upcoming online events, empowering fellow members, special course offers and more!
To receive and redeem $VAULT, you must set up an account on Roll.